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The registration fee for the event is CAN $ 180 per competitor for both disciplines (Freestyle or Freerace). Or $ 100 can for a discipline. 5 diners are included. * *
The amount is payable before the event via paypal, interact ( or on the spot, at the Îles de la Madeleine
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I certify, under the internal regulation of IFKO, to its medical rules and anti-doping regulations in force, that my condition has not changed since the date of my Medical Sport Certificate dated of 2018 and I do not have any medical indication against the sport practice and sport competition at the moment. I agree to get into the competition in accordance with sporting regulations of IFKO, to the notice of competition, Kitesports instructions and value the weather in terms of my ability. I am presenting in english :
Agreement* *
I will respect all the instructions of the organizers, good image of the event and I promise to have no recourse against the organizers and event. If it is considered unsafe, the organizers will make the decision to prohibit a competitor practicing Kite on land and sea. The launch of the competition times is decided jointly with the organizers, subject to weather conditions and adequate safety; no objection can be made there. I guarantee to be equipped with a conform kite release system and a conform kite leash. The organization reserves the right to use the image in all its forms (photography, audiovisual, press article, etc.). I am not opposed in any way to the dissemination by the organizers of these media releases.
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